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  • Spruce Spring Stream Farms Produce

    At Spruce Spring Stream Farms (SSSF) our soil has been exclusively organically treated since 1971.

  • The Spruce Spring Stream Farms difference

    We use our chickens’ droppings and plant based compost teas to enrich our gardens.

  • Spruce Spring Stream Farms spring water

    Our produce is watered from artesian springs.

  • Spruce Spring Stream Farms is uses an off-grid, renewable energy system.

    Our greenhouse is passively solar heated and uses a gravity fed hydroponic system.

  • Spruce Spring Stream Farms

    We use light, simple machines that do not compress the soil.

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What We Grow
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Welcome to the Farm!

SSSF Summer MarketsWe’re glad you’ve stopped by. Spruce Spring Stream Farms is your source for fresh, organic produce and unique products (herb and tea blends) in the Elk Valley. We’re located a very short drive up into the mountains from Fernie, BC. We’re pleased to offer a CSA Box Program and also enjoy bringing our produce to Fernie’s Farmer’s Market during the summer months. Additionally, our beautiful mountainside property can be made available for bookings for weddings and special events. We invite you to check out our website to learn more about our products and services.

Spruce Spring Stream Farms: 661 Hartley Lake Road, Fernie, British Columbia, Canada